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Why the PlayStation 4 won't have Blu-ray

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327w ago - Don Reisinger of CNET believes that the PS4 will not feature a Blu-ray player of any kid, he foresees the tech industry pushing Blu-ray aside as more capable technology becomes available and Sony's PS4 strategy will change to a focus on streaming and HD downloads.

To quote: Assuming what the analysts say is true -Sony will release a new console in three to five years and Blu-ray will be dead in five -how can the company justify putting a Blu-ray player into the Playstation 4? Does it really want to tie itself to a loser even though it spent so much money trying to make it a winner?

Given the company's financial woes in the video game space as of late, that could turn into its greatest blunder.

The technology industry is pushing Blu-ray aside as more capable offerings become available. I think Sony knows that already and will try to milk Blu-ray for as long as possible. But once the Playstation 4 is announced, the company will make its strategy known: it will forgo support for Blu-ray in the video game space and start focusing on streaming and HD downloads -the future of the industry.

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#9 - slammy - 327w ago
slammy's Avatar
If they don't use any type of CD/DVD/BD drive, they're screwed. If they intend for it to be a mediacenter anyways. ppl will have alot of movies on BD and will probably still have alot of music CDs in 3-5 years so why would ppl buy a PS4 if it can't even play any CD, DVD or BD??. PS4 games could probably been on some kind of flash memory though, so they can easily be physically sold over a counter.

#8 - wormie123 - 327w ago
wormie123's Avatar
If they do scrap CDs couldnt sony save the PS3 with bring the memory slots back on to the new modles why they scrapped them anyway I am alway using my SD slot. Like a SD card with the game on it which u buy from the shop a bit like a DS game card?

#7 - BigBlarg - 327w ago
BigBlarg's Avatar
Waaait. I have a 20gb/month total transfer (both upload and download). It will take me 3-4 months to download a game like MGS4!

#6 - Kellog - 327w ago
Kellog's Avatar
PS1 had CD, PS2 DVD and now PS3 has Blu-ray, so I wouldn't be surprised to see something new with PS4. Downloading games would probably come more common with faster internet connections, but there will allways be people who prefer buying concrete physical format (including me).

I can't see PS4 coming very soon, but would be happy to see it offering something new (Ultra HD, 3D video etc. ?) when it's coming. That doesn't take any value from Blu-Ray as didn't Blu-Ray took from DVD. I was happy to watch DVD's with much better quality compared to VHS at beginning of this centyry and I'm happy I can enjoy 1080p picture now.

Hopefully we are getting something new and fascinating with PS4, when the time is ready for real next generation of videogame consoles. I don't want to upgrade my PS3 & 360 yet to some +40% powerfull update. I'll rather wait an another year or two for real next generation console.

#5 - zoned - 327w ago
zoned's Avatar
I would be very surprised if the PS4 did not have a drive capable of reading BD/DVD/CD. The PS3 is used as a home media center by lots of owners and for them to upgrade to the PS4 there has to be capability to run these media types along with whatever is coming up.

A lot of the world does not have the capablity of downloading 1GB quickly now so it is very unlikely to have the ability to download 20GB or more quickly in 8 years especially when ISPs are going to complain about the large amount of infrastructure costs required to allow a high speed network to transfer such large amounts of data to many users at the same time. Expect usage caps and throttling to continue.


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