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Video: PSP Go Hacked, Mercury PSP Exploit is Now Available

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265w ago - Just over a month ago it was reported that Sony's PSP Go console was hacked... but the exploit was not released at the time in hopes that it could be useful to developers.

Today FreePlay has released the Mercury PSP exploit as it was patched by Sony in PSP Firmware 6.20 rendering it useless, however, those who haven't updated yet to PSP Firmware 6.20 can give it a try below along with the source code courtesy of Mathieulh!

Download: Mercury PSP Exploit / Mercury PSP Source Code

To quote: "You need firmware 6.10 or below, and the game of course. The exploit was patched in 6.20, and the PSN version of the game was updated to require 6.20.

The eLoader isn't happening at all unless I can get a 6.10 firmware dump from the Go, which this exploit can't do. It would probably be best to wait until an XMB-based exploit comes along... game-based exploits are too easy to block."

Requires either the American or European version of Archer Maclean's Mercury.

To run a sample:

1. copy the *CONTENTS* of MS_ROOT to the ROOT of your memory stick - e.g. 'PSP' overwrites the old 'PSP' folder.
2. copy the mercury_us.bin and mercury_eu.bin to the ROOT of your memory stick (same place you just put the 'PSP' folder).
3. run the game.
4. load the savedata from the main menu.

If you accidentally start a game, you can pause, load the savedata, then hit Start again and it'll work that way, too.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#9 - Poopsqueege - 265w ago
Poopsqueege's Avatar
Very exciting news for the PSPgo. But I think I would rather have an original PSP1000 model.

#8 - cfwprophet - 265w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
Perhaps I'd care personally if it was PS3-related though

Hehehehe... funny and typical for a PS3 NEWS Boss

Naaa im joking and i followed the drama.. let me say only one thing: If yours or mines or FreePlays or Mathieulhs who cares?

Does it any one of them or us care that WE ALL steal soft from sony or other "big concerns" to do things and stuff with it that this "big concerns" ,for sure, dont want that we do with it?

Does developing and releasing stuff/software that lead to illegal games or softmods or NAND dumps hurt this concerns?

Should such plz really called developer? Or not simply PIRATE?

Sayes one pirate to another pirate: Hey you are a pirate

No please plz if you as a developer dont want to hurt someone, if team twiizers dont want to have illegal games on the Wii, why in the hell they have released the common-key?

This isnt a church.This isnt a bible group.This is a Hack scene full of Hackers,Leakers,Modders and Hobbyists its an endless ocean of competition.

Keep in mind
Peace cfwprpht

#7 - JESSIAH24 - 265w ago
JESSIAH24's Avatar
Well, think i might have to upgrade to a psp go now..

#6 - tvdbz431 - 265w ago
tvdbz431's Avatar
I too have not had a psp for a while, but if there comes a time when there is a working hack to make a go do all the stuff a first generation psp could do I would not hesitate to get one.

#5 - PS3 News - 265w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Yea hehe, I try to just focus on reporting the news for PSP stuff... no time to follow the drama going on. Perhaps I'd care personally if it was PS3-related though... but I sold my PSP several years back and really am out of touch with all things PSP these days.

I'm sure those who have too much time on their hands and wish to follow the PSP scene bickerings can read them on FreePlay's YouTube comments though.


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