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Video: Leaked PS4 Trailers Hint at PlayStation 4 E3 2010 Reveal?

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223w ago - Today GamesRadar.com (linked above) has uncovered two purportedly leaked viral video trailers from YouTube user SCElabs, which may be intended for Sony's PS4 and hint at a PlayStation 4 E3 2010 reveal!

Of course, this news comes despite Sony previously citing the PS3 will have a ten year lifespan and Sony CEO Jack Tretton stating PS4 will arrive only when technology exceeds the PS3 entertainment system.

[Register or Login to view links] reports that the viral videos appear to be promoting Modern Warfare 2 going 3D on the PS3 despite the PS4 logo.

To date, there have been countless PS4 rumors (like this one and this one) so feel free to share your comments below if you feel these videos are legit or just part of a viral marketing campaign.

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Chivafighter's Avatar
#22 - Chivafighter - 223w ago
Is no one noticing the part where it's admitted as a hoax? Sony PR says it is 100 percent bogus.
True, but this video also brings up a new topic though, the PS4 and what it could possibly have against a PS3.

KRaZE's Avatar
#21 - KRaZE - 223w ago
Well $ony have lied about the removal of Other OS and they keep lying about all sorts of things. I don't believe anything they say now.

The PS4 will be out before the 10 years of PS3.

The PS3 has a 10 year lifespan as they will bring the PS4 out and the PS3 will only last 10 years. I predict the PS4 will be out when the PS3 has had a lifespan of about 7-8 years so it will only live for another 2-3 years then thats it as the consoles die from YLOD and $ony will refuse to fix them.
This guy... Couldn't you have gathered that from when the ps2 was out and the ps3 came out?

Ps2 launch - March 2000
Ps3 launch - November 2006

Predictions not needed when the past shows us what will happen in the future.

PS3 News's Avatar
#20 - PS3 News - 223w ago
Is no one noticing the part where it's admitted as a hoax? Sony PR says it is 100 percent bogus.
I noticed your page 1 post on that, however, that doesn't mean all discussion should end on the topic, eh?

After all, the videos are still interesting and well done... and honestly, until the PS3 3D Firmware update arrives later today there isn't much else to chat about at the moment.

tilla's Avatar
#19 - tilla - 223w ago
Is no one noticing the part where it's admitted as a hoax? Sony PR says it is 100 percent bogus.

Raze1988's Avatar
#18 - Raze1988 - 223w ago
I dunno guys, I think we won't see a PS4 in stores before 2014, and an announcement 1 or 2 years before launch.

Of course they already plan it and I'm sure they have lots of concept papers, but nothing to show yet.

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