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Sony's New PS3 Motion Controller is 'Army Accurate'

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282w ago - In an [Register or Login to view links] with Eurogamer following the Develop Conference, Kish Hirani and SCEE's vice president of research and development, Paul Holman, shared just how accurate the upcoming PS3 Motion Controller is.

To quote: The controller, reports Sony, is incredibly accurate.

"What most people are really surprised about is the precision," Sony's Kish Hirani, head of developer services, tells game site Eurogamer.

"It's scarily good. The army has had this sort of technology for a long time, so a lot of academians have seen these things, but when you see a consumer space device with this level of accuracy – that's when developers say, 'Wow.'"

Something else that might make developers say "wow"? It's possible to set the color of the controller's light up ball.

"I'm not a games designer, but if I was I might use it as a muzzle flash if you're using a gun, or use it as a paintbrush you can use to dip in and pick up different colors," Hirani adds.

"There's always room for wizards..." Color could also come in handy for when four of these controllers are used at once. Another tidbit? The new controller will have buttons!

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#12 - Slickmp3 - 282w ago
Slickmp3's Avatar
let's just wait for it's release.

#11 - chaosryu - 282w ago
chaosryu's Avatar
meh its just another gimic that wont be used half the time like sixaxis.

#10 - SavageNick - 282w ago
SavageNick's Avatar
This thing is gonna blow the Wii out of the water when it comes out *hopefully* lol.

#9 - makere - 282w ago
makere's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by MajinRanma View Post
I won't argue that PS3 really doesn't need motion sensor games right now seeing how they can't even get their old PS2 fancore people to buy invest into the PS3. But seriously SNES and N64. Now those were good nintendo systems. Saying Wii would be near top tells me you're very narrow minded. Or you can only 'see' one type of genre/gaming and say its the only games that are our there.

Wii does not have any good games besides the ones you have mentioned. Wii has too many crap games to be considered near top. There are too many dog games, too many princess games. They keep producing games that are too novelty. The PSP has its corebase mostly from PS2 and PS1. With new titles from all their favorite games from old SNES or PS1/2 games. But it still doesn't beat the DS. The DS just has just too many good good titles.

BTW, I don't own a Wii or PS3. Right now they both suck honestly. PS3 just needs more games. They need more titles to fill in the blanks during the times that Squar- Enix is releasing games. (KH3)

Sorry meant the library of current generation systems, I agree on SNES and PS2 etc having better and more games.

Anyways, back to the topic, if that picture is correct, the PS3 motion controller looks more horrid than the "original" PS3 controller and "army accurate" sounds like marketing BS.

#8 - Bugauga - 282w ago
Bugauga's Avatar
I'm just wandering here.. how come they know what kind of technology the army has? Maybe it's nothing like this, maybe it's something different, that does something else, maybe it has a laser like thing that instantly blows the head of the enemy

IMHO that 'Army Accurate' is just to give more hype to the motion controller.

How good it will be we don't know, because if it's 'Army Accurate' I doubt that even 10% of the players have that good coordination to use it properly which can lead to a very poor usability of the motion controller.


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