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Sony to Ship 3D TVs and 3D-Ready PS3 Games in 2010

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277w ago - It appears the PlayStation company is putting its electronics might behind 3D television technology, with the company expected to start selling fancy three-dimensional displays next year–with 3D PlayStation 3 games being readied to capitalize on the technology.

To quote: According to the [Register or Login to view links], Sony boss man Sir Howard Stringer will be announcing the company's plans to invest in 3D LCD TVs at the IFA show in Berlin.

And he'll also be announcing Sony laptop computers, PlayStation 3 games and Blu-ray players that will be compatible with the technology.

With the PS3 already capable of playing 4D games, according to former PlayStation exec Ken Kutaragi, one has to wonder "Why the step back?"

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#15 - tommyc - 275w ago
tommyc's Avatar
If Sony can pull this off and make affordable and look great it will take off. I just hope my new 50" plasma will be able to support 3D games. But if it means I have to go out and buy a new tv then I will say its not going to be worth it. They need to make sure it will work on existing technologies before it will be successful.

#14 - dondolo - 276w ago
dondolo's Avatar
in the future we will not need to use bravia technology to play 3d games, we will only need tv with 120mhz working frequencies... that is what sony says...

#13 - Longshot - 276w ago
Longshot's Avatar
Well in a german PS3 magazine they allready had hands on Avatar in 3D !

They sounded amazed by how good that experience was. The game uses a stereoscopic 3D effect.Of course you need a special TV for that. After playing they had no headache, no tearings, no flickering nothing. Developers said more 3D capable TVs etc will come end of the year (at least in the US).

Imagine you get into an RDA Helicopter in the game and it hovers some centimeters/inches BEFORE the TV/Monitor.Thats how they described it... and they sounded really amazed because it looks like they didnt expected it to be that good. So i would say its a good course to run with that technology...prices will drop like with any other new hardware over the course of time.

#12 - NetheRealm - 277w ago
NetheRealm's Avatar
They need a unified standard for this 3d like is the Sony Tv the only one that will work with this? Will my new 73 inch Mitsubishi 3D Ready tv not work? Who knows theres so many different types of 3d it's just very confusing. Theres no way I'm buying a Sony TV just for 3D PS3.

#11 - Transient - 277w ago
Transient's Avatar
I wonder what technology they'll be using?

It looks sort of like these old 3D LCD glasses which I played Duke Nukem with back in the day. I always liked it, but it eventually failed because no games supported it.

With a company like Sony taking it on, maybe they can enforce mandatory 3D support.

I'd buy a set for my PS3 assuming there's a way for it to work with my projector.


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