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Sony Adds Cinavia DRM Protection in as Automatic PS3 Download

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230w ago - A few months back Sony updated their new Terms of Service to include "automatic updates or upgrades which may change your current operating system, cause a loss of data or content or cause a loss of functionalities or utilities" and with the recent PS3 Firmware 3.41 it appears Sony has added in [Register or Login to view links] as an automatic PS3 download.

For those unaware, Cinavia DRM technology is an audio watermarking technology that takes aim at pirates, and those trying to playback movie downloads via their PlayStation 3 consoles, and is part of the content protection system included in Blu-ray Disc players.

According to the official site, the watermarking works by "comparing the source of the audio to the format in which a movie was released (ie theatrical or commercial disc), and if the watermarked audio source detects a difference, the movie will either be mute (but most likely not play at all)."

To quote on a temporary 'fix' from alexsaeed8 via YouTube:

Recently PS3 has come out with this new update that automatically downloads and installs this program called "Cinavia" which protects against piracy movies by analyzing the sound of the movie that is playing and compares that to the original version to see if it matches and based on that it will allow or doesn't allow the PS3 or BRDvd players to play the movie.

You will get 2 most common messages:

1: It will say it can't play the movie because of a copyright violation.

2: It will say the audio for this movie has been mute and it won't play any more sound, just the picture, it all depends.

So based on this information I have made a short video of how I have been watching movies on my ps3 and by passing the cinavia technology.

The only way I been able to watch movies is to speed it up by x1.5 or higher Cinavia can't pick up the sound at that speed, and it's not so bad once you get use to it.. at least for now until someone come out with another solution."

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#29 - enohand - 228w ago
enohand's Avatar
only movies i've seen having this protection are the vids realeased by the studios them self's (ie the copy of "the losers" i dl'ed) the studio was a tracker for the torrent along with a few other people (not noirmal people , but agencies" )

i don't know why people think the recorded vids from theaters have the cinavia in it... the audio flag is a digital water mark of som sort, its not anything you can hear... its embedded in the audio... i was able to play "the losers" on a different machine & i recorded the audio with a rec. prog, & then stripped the old outa the vid file & put the new one in.

and guess what, the movie plays on my ps3 now...

#28 - nipsen - 228w ago
nipsen's Avatar
..ask Geohot? He'll fix you up. Just scramble around until Sony panics and removes the blu-ray player capability, or something like that - he'll get you a custom firmware..

No, it works by "detecting" unheard audio signals in a stream. So the drm isn't checking some database on the net, or anything like that - it just checks for the embedded cinavia sounds.

So.. basically, the way to circumvent it is to not use:
1. screeners.
2. rips from discs intended for pre-screening.
3. never buy anything that use cinavia drm, and send dead horse's heads to any publisher who will make movies you buy have the scheme.
as well as..
4. sell your ps3 when that happens, and you cannot copy your own dvds any more.

..on the other hand, you could just.. not burn the thing to a dvd, and just watch it from the rip, I guess.

Even so - Sony can go screw themselves. You know what this drm is intended to control? Their own paid folks in Q&A who push the movies out on torrents before the release date. And who pays for this drm? The DRM that prevents you from using your ps3 as you expect any other player to work? We do. And the result is: I use something else for playback, just to make sure I'm not going to get one of my own copies, or something I borrow from a friend, suddenly not working on me.

So loss for Sony, and loss for Sony.

Incidentally - where is the Kurozuka blu-ray I wanted to buy? Nowhere. It's not getting released after all. So where do you think I will get this? Take a guess.

#27 - Enzokool - 229w ago
Enzokool's Avatar
many people hacked into ps3 and messed with it, is there nobody out there that could come up with some mod or some way to just remove cinavia or somehow block it from reading the audio? there has to be some way of going around this crap.

#26 - enohand - 229w ago
enohand's Avatar
FYI, ciniavi was implemeted WAY before 3.41, i downloaded "the losers" about 3 months agi & the ciniavi warning popped up when trying to watch it...

#25 - raydan - 229w ago
raydan's Avatar
It never happened to me with fw 3.15 and i watch a lot of movies... via media server.


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