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Rumor: Best Buy Listing Indicates PS3 to Go 3D in July 2010

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249w ago - Last week reports surfaced that the upcoming PS3 3D Firmware update would arrive in June, and today retailer Best Buy has let slip the date of July.

Sony has previously confirmed that a simple PS3 Firmware update is all that is required to make the PlayStation 3 system compatible with 3D gaming.

Unfortunately, no specific timeframe was ever given for the anticipated patch until today.

To quote: "On a 3D FAQ page, Best Buy has given the first solid timeframe for the PS3 3D patch.

Clicking on the first tab of [Register or Login to view links] will reveal the following tidbit:

To watch 3D Blu-ray Discs, you'll need to add a 3D-ready Blu-ray player (or update your PS3 with the appropriate firmware when it becomes available in July).

Yup, that's right. Best Buy seems to have let the cat slip a bit early; either mistakenly or intentionally."

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#10 - fshskyline99 - 248w ago
fshskyline99's Avatar
Time for me to get a Sony 3D TV ready for the update ^_^

...*checks prices*

#9 - CJPC - 248w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Not to mention the fact that not all 3D tv's are the same - depending on the 3d pattern they support, you may still need a converter box - which, might not even be available - ever. Not to mention, the source might not (ie, the PS3, or say a DirecTV box) actually be HD since it's current specs can't support it, so its a half-assed 3d support - close to HD, but not quite

#8 - cfwprophet - 248w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
Do you have recognized that ONLY the glasses will not do the job?

You need a 3D TV there for you can use the glasses.Without 3D TV it does not work !!!

You need first = 3D TV

Second = 3D Glasses

Thirdly = One BD 3D Player or your PS3 with the new 3D FW

This is the way it works. Not the glasses produce or display the 3D picture on the screen.This does the TV. The glasses only displaying a black screen per Eye and jump from right to left. Our brain then will produce the 3D picture. Understood?

#7 - proskopina - 248w ago
proskopina's Avatar
i have an lg lh5000 42inch full hd at 200hz and 2ms responde time,i do not think to buy the new 3d tvs!!!!i will only buy the glasses and im sure i will be happy!!!

#6 - cfwprophet - 248w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
Uhhmmm.... do you know how the new 3D tech work for?

The new 3D tech works much better then the old one and will fill out the place between you and your TV.

Beside that have scientist from my country (AUSTRIA) developed the World first 3D LCD panel with lenses (and the special software for it) they measure the distance and position of you and send you the left picture and right picture directly to your face and for that we dont need this 3d glasses and also have the same 3D effect.


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