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PS3 Debug Firmware 3.20 Pics Reveal 3D Video Output Option

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253w ago - Today VG247.com (linked above) has shared some screenshots of PS3 Debug Firmware 3.20 which appear to reveal a new '3D Video Output' XMB menu option.

While the 3.20 update is reportedly still "months away" for consumers, Sony previously confirmed that a simple PS3 Firmware update is all that is required to make the PlayStation 3 system compatible with 3D gaming.

To quote: "We've landed some pics of a new debug build of PS3's Firmware, clearly showing a "3D video output" option.

As you can see from the images below, the feature appears to be included in the 3.20 release, which is apparently now in the hands of developers.

There's been a great deal of talk about 3D games in recent months, with Sony especially being a strong supporter of the tech."

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#17 - B4rtj4h - 253w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Nice... but Avatar on the PS3 (i know... the game sucks) has this function already inserted... anyone has tried this already??

#16 - veggav - 253w ago
veggav's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by imdbowlgod View Post
i think i remember hearing that all plasmas can do 3d because the have a fast refresh rate. i have one and dont want to have to go get another tv to do 3d. if anyone knows please reply.

I'm the owner of a 50" full hd panasonic plasma and I can say for sure the 650hz sub field is not refresh rate, so in other words, plasma can't do it.

There's a lot of missunderstanding in this area, plasma is not fast as 0,001ms, it's slow. For an exemple, why every studio, or live broadcast media center, people still use CRT ? because it's the most fast display you have.
Plasma is my choice in this war, lcd for monitor is ok but for movies and games, plasma rules but it's not even 60% of what the advertise says.

The same with 3d, it's not even 50% of what people say, I've experienced 3d in movie theater, with 3d vision and with blue/red glasses, and like said before 3d is very over rated!

Buy a projector if you want something cool, a bigger screen will impress much more them a 3d screen that you only can see with glasses.

#15 - cmccmc - 253w ago
cmccmc's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
I have a 61'' DLP 3D TV and Nvidia's vision kit for PC. It costs $200 for the kit and (although I hope I'm wrong) it is most likely not compatible with the PS3, or any other device but PC. I see that as the real problem. Even if you have a 3D TV, there still isn't a standard on the 3D itself. If there isn't a standard, people would need to spend hundreds of dollars on glasses for each device, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Yea, knowing sony there going to make there own special glasses that have to be used and seriously overprice them...

#14 - colima - 253w ago
colima's Avatar
Even though ppl already have 3d capable tvs they don't have the glasses with.. i hear we're gonna cost around 70-100 dollars or more.

#13 - imdbowlgod - 253w ago
imdbowlgod's Avatar
i think i remember hearing that all plasmas can do 3d because the have a fast refresh rate. i have one and dont want to have to go get another tv to do 3d. if anyone knows please reply.


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