Sony: Life with PlayStation Released by Mistake

291w ago - Sony has told CVG that today's surprise launch of the PS3's news and weather channel, Life with PlayStation, was a mistake.

The channel went live earlier today, surprising the lucky few who stumbled across the update and managed to get it all installed before Sony whipped it back offline again.

The 126MB download changes the Folding@Home app into the new Life with PlayStation channel (F@H does its cancer-curing job in the background while you read the news), but the update is no longer available.

"Today, while testing the application, Life with PlayStation was available for download temporarily, by mistake," Sony UK told CVG.

"We will make [an] official announcement for the service launch shortly," it added.

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wicked insanity's Avatar
#6 - wicked insanity - 291w ago
Thread to be closed then?

PS3 News's Avatar
#5 - PS3 News - 291w ago
Looks like it's officially out now, no need for the leaked file after all.

gtxboyracer's Avatar
#4 - gtxboyracer - 291w ago
I just watched the latest leaked video and now i know that i don't have Life with Playstation - hmm maybe soon then? probably tomorrow when Burnout Paradise patch comes out.

PS3 News's Avatar
#3 - PS3 News - 291w ago
anyone happen to grab the link??
I made the request in this Site News post... hopefully someone who did manage to grab it will share soon enough.

gtxboyracer's Avatar
#2 - gtxboyracer - 291w ago
Well i tried earlier, and it downloaded Folding@Home 1.31, the name stayed the same, but now when i load it, i get the world map globe, with lights all over it showing the locations of PS3 units processing etc.

It that Life with Playstation? or was that just Folding@Home already? And is it suppose to change the XMB Name?

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