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PS3 Backup Tool 1.0 Available

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310w ago - Update #2: NZHawk updated again to [Register or Login to view links] which includes: Added Function to choose the order in which to copy the files into the custom backup folder, (In case this is different for each person?, or for testing)

Update: NZHawk released [Register or Login to view links] which is a quick update to address an error found in the initial release.

This automatically, Copies your system backup, copies and renames the .pkg file, and then copies the files in the correct order to get the Corrupt icon on your ps3.. Much easier for some people.



This program is CLEAN, no virus, Trojan etc...
Check it, if you don't believe me...

Download: [Register or Login to view links]

How to:

1. Run the Program...
2. Under step 1, Select the origional ps3 system backup.
3. Under step 2, Select the .pkg file to 'Install' on your ps3
4. Under step 3, Select the ps3's EXPORT folder, (on ur usb drive or external media)
5. Under step 3, Type the name of the backup, Make sure this is UNIQUE or it may crash..
6. Press Automate!
7. WAIT Untill message box say COMPLETE!
8. Done...

Only works with up to, 10 archive2_XX.dat (where x stand for 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 ,05 ,06, 07, 08 ,09 ,10)

Im off to bed now, Good luck!

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#63 - PS3 News - 309w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by portals View Post
It's work on 2.60?

Did you read anything before posting that? It's a Windows application, so PS3 Firmware is irrelevant for PS3 Backup Tool 1.0.

Also, since the process itself never actually worked for anyone besides Giulio19992 I think it's time to close this thread now.

#62 - portals - 309w ago
portals's Avatar
It's work on 2.60?

#61 - ThePlayer - 309w ago
ThePlayer's Avatar
hallo I have a Problem

what can i do its says thats a problem by win xp
i have framework 2.0 and sp2

pls help me!!

#60 - adrianc1982 - 310w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Giulio19992 View Post
People still belive on it, so i'll make it possible.

I give you credit because at least you are trying to make something and share it. I dont know if you are a fake or if you "stole" any information and post it as yours, the thing is you came here and let everyone know something we didnt and at least for me thats more than 99% of us here have done.

Good luck and dont worry about those people calling you a fake they are the real fakes not you.

#59 - Giulio19992 - 310w ago
Giulio19992's Avatar
Hi guys,

I'm sorry but these days i've been busy with some stuff, Windows 7 everyone?

However, I saw the "Proof of Giulio's Fake" from Demonhill, and i've replyed to it. Our project is not hold, and we'll keep working on it, maybe even better beacouse of the less hype around. We'll keep work beacouse so many people eMailed me asking us to continue it.

PS3News, or BOSS, thanks for the support gave to us. I'll inform you for news, ok?

No we're working on HDD Structure and Backup Exploit but even on Home.

People still belive on it, so i'll make it possible.


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