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PlayStation 3 NID Attack Tool Released!

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306w ago - Recently xorloser has released a PS3 NID Attack Tool for other PS3 Devs. To quote:

NidAttack was a tool created to work out PRX export/import names by dictionary attack. A PRX file is a DLL file for Playstation consoles; (Playstation Relocatable eXecutable ... maybe)

NidAttack was initially created by others to work out PSP export/import names and I have just altered it slightly to also calculate PS3 names.

Included is an xml database of all exports from PRX files found in the PS3 v2.30 system flash. Also present is a file with NIDs for just the unknown names, so these are the ones to use NidAttack on.

Download: PS3 NID Attack Tool

From the included ReadMe file:

hashes.txt - This is the list of hashes from ps3.xml that are currently unknown.

nidattack.xex - This is the nidattack tool from the PSP section of the ps2dev.org svn. I just added some little changes to make it work for PS3 NIDs.

ps3.xml - This is the database of all PS3 SPRX exports from the PS3 v2.30 system flash.

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puppero's Avatar
#19 - puppero - 305w ago
I'm sorry to ask again, does anyone knows what other information beside NIDs are not encrypted? Maybe the whole elf/prx header? And even more important, are the whole file signed, or only certain part of it (code section, for example)?

GreyChertZ's Avatar
#18 - GreyChertZ - 305w ago
Really good news

PS3 News's Avatar
#17 - PS3 News - 305w ago
There may be a way to set it up like that, but for the time being we will just be sure to watermark all the images manually before posting them. I did add a new rewrite rule to our .htaccess so that Pirate will realize we're ALL well aware of what he's doing and will NOT tolerate it... of course he'll just use a proxy to access our site though. We may get to see just how rich that Texan is when I file Copyright Infringement charges if he doesn't grow up and stop stealing our pictures though.

The larger issue is he takes files from here (like NDT's releases, for example) and posts them there without any link to PS3News.com when NDT posts them himself in our Site News (the source)... so we will be making sure our logo/URL is in future releases and possibly a legal warning so his quax'ers are all aware of his activities. Anyway, enough legalese talk... the ball is in his court now.

Transient's Avatar
#16 - Transient - 305w ago
Ya, it looks like we may have to for any PS3 Dev news at all... very sad indeed. Another thing we may do is include a legal notice in any future file downloads that they may only be hosted/distributed on [Register or Login to view links] so that quax can't steal and host them like they have for the last year. This way we can take legal action if they continue to steal from us, and shutdown that POS site once and for all.
Can't you have it so all images posted in the PS3 Dev forum automatically receive a watermark? I've never administered vBulletin, but it seems possible based on what I see on their website.

RexVF5's Avatar
#15 - RexVF5 - 305w ago
A noddy guide for us noddy types please?

I want help but need to know how to run this please???

No way to use this info right now - at least not for the ones with RETAIL consoles. Even though - it is useful for the kind of people who can write a code. However it is great leap in uncovering internal functioning of PS3.

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