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Video: John Koller Admits PS3 Cross Game Chat is Still a WIP

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235w ago - With a new PS3 Firmware update arriving soon, JoyStiq (linked above) sat down with Sony's John Koller in an E3 2010 interview where he admits PS3 Cross Game Chat is still a work-in-progress despite recent rumors that it may be coming as part of PlayStation Plus.

During the video interview, John Koller discusses PlayStation Network Plus, PS3 Cross Game Chat and Steamworks along with what fans can expect from Sony's new partnership with Valve.

For those curious, the discussion about PlayStation 3 Cross Game Voice Chat begins at timestamp 7:55. Check out the video below!

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#9 - Pretikewl - 233w ago
Pretikewl's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by knight0fdragon View Post
Is it me, or does this guy know nothing, and just bs'd for 15 minutes.

I just finished watching the video, and I'd agree. I'm not sure the guy answered any questions really. He just went on and on with vague statements.

I'm not sure why they even do these type of Q&A sessions when the person with the supposed knowledge never answers with any good information. Even he said "to answer, but not answer your question" during it.

#8 - mosesgon2010 - 233w ago
mosesgon2010's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by croft72 View Post
Honestly I have to agree. Come to think of it I don't even use cross game chat at all on my 360, but I definately like to play my own music during gameplay of certain titles. I really do hope more game developers consider using this feature for PS3 games. The option for PS3 to do it is there. So far the only game on my PS3 that I've enjoyed the custom tracks feature for playing my own music during gameplay was Midnight Club LA.

i'm sorry but if you really had a xbox 360 you would have said (party chat) that is a must... you work for sony or you don't really have a xbox 360 !!! and to say what you said is just wrong 450,000 people want what the 360 does with party chat on their ps3 and so many haven't got the ps3 just because they don't have party chat it's crazy.

so many of my friends would do the cross over to ps3 and put their 360 in the garbage but sony just dosen't understand that if you give what we want you get to win the console war... and we would say good by to microsoft for good !!!

#7 - flipedinside - 235w ago
flipedinside's Avatar
i just want the cross game chat lol

#6 - Mexicodude908 - 235w ago
Mexicodude908's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Rocky5 View Post
wasn't this something they said they would never do?

No they never said they wouldn't add on to psn. They did say that online play will be free so once again a terrible fact and once again i dont see how someone can complain when the point of 360 is still a rip off is made.

#5 - Rocky5 - 235w ago
Rocky5's Avatar
So this is what xbox done with silver and gold accounts.

Xbox Silver Account + No Online Play but all demos after Gold account gets them
Standard PSN Account + Online Play but all demos after Plus account gets them

Xbox Gold Account + Betas, Online play, Discounts and other stuff.
PSN Plus + Betas, Discounts and other stuff.

wasn't this something they said they would never do?


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