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Survey Reveals Sony is Considering Premium PSN Subscriptions

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261w ago - Just under a month ago it was reported that Sony was planning a paid PSN subscription service for 2010, and today Kotaku (linked above) has revealed a survey indicating a premium PlayStation Network may indeed be on the way.

To quote: "A survey sent from IPSOS Online Research indicates that Sony is considering premium subscription plans for the PlayStation Network, detailing potential prices and premium services, including full hour game trials, free access to PSOne Classics, and cross-game voice chat.

Reader Brenna sent us PDF files containing the Sony survey, which begins with the following bit of text:

Sony is considering offering a premium PlayStation Network subscription in the future. The subscription offering would provide new premium features you could choose to pay for and are in addition to the features currently available for free such as access to online multiplayer gaming (current features would remain free).

Following the introduction is a series of definitions of terms such as Token Wagering - a set number of tokens given to subscribers per month that can be used to be on games and exchanged for PSN content - and Cloud Storage Space for Games, which would allow players to save their game online rather than on their hard disk, protecting their data.

Other notable services listed as potential premiums include loyalty reward programs, automatic updates, member-exclusive Facebook Connectivity, an online music service and music video service, Hulu TV catch-ups, member-only game content, discounts, demo-sharing (sharing exclusive member-only demos from your full games with friends), and Netflix without a disc.

By far the most attractive premiums are full title trials, which give the user one hour access to full PlayStation 3 games, and free access to PSOne Classics, PSP minis, and premium themes.

The list also indicates that some eagerly awaited features could be subscriber only, such as cross-game voice chat. Having waited so long for the feature, I doubt fans would be particularly happy to have to pay for it.

The chart below details four potential plans, with three costing $69.99 a year or $9.99 a month - more than an Xbox Live Gold subscription, and one running $4.99 a month and $29.99 a year."

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#27 - jammyone - 261w ago
jammyone's Avatar
I would be interested to see what game would be available under the plan including free access to PSOne classics.

Unfortunately I have the Australian PS3 that only has software emulation and our local PSN store doesn't have a lot of PSOne titles. This might be worthwhile for me.

#26 - banksc - 261w ago
banksc's Avatar
I see a lot of assumptions made for both sides... People need to make sure they read the literal statements, not the implied statements. In doing so, there is a LOT up in the air.

They say everything you have NOW will remain free. Ok, but that doesn't mean that future content will be free (demos, updates to handling trophies, etc).

Nowhere does it mention what the free 1 hour trial will apply too. Maybe full games? ...maybe just PSN games?

There is no mention of PSN games being free, other than PS ONE classics.

Blah, blah, blah, you get my point. Ok, getting off the soapbox.

#25 - boybergamo76 - 261w ago
boybergamo76's Avatar
For me it's wrong... i mean, til now everything free and now sony want to makes some more money ?

#24 - victor307664 - 261w ago
victor307664's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kenshin33 View Post
Sure thing. But the problem is not current features remaining free, it's future features .....

Well Market structure is what it is ... DUOpoly ... so yes eventually after building a customer base, milking time will start

What is complaining? isn't it expressing one's opinion in a way? saying that one doesn't like this or that?
May be I'm wrong ...

What I had mentioned earlier was that there is no point in complaining cause they're going to do what they want. To complain is to give negative feedback and they are not having it. They have selective hearing and chose what feedback they want so they can "improve the customer experience." Thats all I was saying, lets move on.

#23 - Chris9092 - 261w ago
Chris9092's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mrgreaper View Post
you say theres no point complaining, but there is, its a survey to see if people would like it and well i for one wouldnt ! so im letting my opinion be heard. if you on the other hand want a paid service then by all means state that but were hopefully not at the wait and see part yet.

There's a survey for it, this isn't the survey, so your opinions stated here won't exactly effect anything.

All we CAN do is wait and see, all were running on now is speculation, and people are blowing it WAY out of proportion.


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