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Rumor: New Microsoft Ad Deal is Why Hulu Blocked PlayStation 3?

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286w ago - As reported a few days ago, since last weekend Hulu started blocking PlayStation 3 owners from accessing content.

Speculation is now underway whether it's due to Hulu's recent [Register or Login to view links] change, or if a new partnership with Microsoft is behind the dreaded "This Video is Not Available on Your Platform" messages PS3 owners are currently seeing.

To quote: A more interesting theory is that Microsoft paid off Hulu to block the PS3. Rumors of Hulu coming to the Xbox 360 have been circulating ever since Netflix 'Watch Now' arrived on the console.

If in fact Microsoft was in negotiations with Hulu to offer the service through their hardware, it isn't hard to imagine one condition of the deal (sweetened with a big sack of shiny gold coins) being that Playstation 3 owners be blocked. (But then, see above re: nervous network execs.)

No matter what the truth is, once again the consumer loses out. Is it too much to ask for transparency when changes like this are made? Wouldn't it be refreshing if Hulu made clear why it is suddenly cutting off some users of its service?

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#7 - Tsusai - 286w ago
Tsusai's Avatar
If that is the case, I can see where a complaint with the FTC could come into place.

#6 - kablooey - 286w ago
kablooey's Avatar
Typical Microsoft behavior.

When things like this happen (and happen more often than I can imagine) always comes to my mind the Simpsons episode when Bill Gates (of hell) goes to the Simpsons house to "buy" Homer's internet company.

#5 - mcstyle24 - 286w ago
mcstyle24's Avatar
I don't get it. I always see 360 fans saying PS3 fans compare Hulu to their Netflix integration, yet I own a 360 and haven't touched it. I mean, I use so many other sites for my viewing pleasure (All of which run silky smooth on my PS3 but run like crap on both of my laptops) that I guess I haven't bothered. Maybe when you only have access to one source of online movie viewing, you start believing silly things. Hmm. Weird.

#4 - Drakhen - 286w ago
Drakhen's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
If Microsoft did do this, There will be hell to pay. I will boycott all things Microsoft, including windows. And I would expect Sony to pay face book so it doesn't come to the 360.

Facebook is already Confirmed for comming to the the 360 along with twitter, last fm and sky.. You can look into that right here

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I understand Sony took down all their films from netflix on the 360.

and sony only took there movies off the streaming netflix for about 4 days they are back and streaming in Hd.

#3 - Yaguchi - 286w ago
Yaguchi's Avatar
Is that legal??


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