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PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.70 is Now Available!

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298w ago - Earlier today Sony confirmed PS3 Firmware 2.70 Update's features.

Now, PS3 Firmware 2.70 is officially available for download!

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

If you haven't tried them yet, give PS3 Update Checker v1.4 (Firmware Auto-Downloader) or Alternate PS3 Update Checker v2 a try to grab this PS3 Firmware Update.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below guys!

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#17 - 145i7h4 - 297w ago
145i7h4's Avatar
so the ps3 firmware update 2.70 is finally out. i was afraid that it would never come out..

#16 - hellospaceboy - 298w ago
hellospaceboy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kenshin33 View Post
do you really want them to do it fast and "brick" everyone's machines??

The time its taken since 2.60 to bring out 2.70 (even if some features are held back) is not fast, by any means. And a "bricking" bug is one of the first things Sony devs would fix. If Sony were on the ball they could have produced 2.70 with all the features the gamers want, like in game browser etc, and still have time to patch most bugs and holes (well under the time its taken for 2.70 to arrive).

On the other hand, i believe 2.80 will be out faster..

#15 - kenshin33 - 298w ago
kenshin33's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by hellospaceboy View Post
Too slow to gain a momentum, or become numero uno lol

It's very likely there were features that were pulled. Although some of the rumours of the additional features were exaggerated lol. If thats true then we should see 2.71. or 2.80 pretty soon. A lot of people complained 2.60 was buggy and had a number of errors, so any update is good for now, but they are taking too long, for the features theyve added (copy/paste, text chat), the turn out is crazy (unless its taken that time to fix bugs or check for flaws, highly doubt it)

one thing to note. what we have access to is the official approved release. so unless working for sony there's no way to know what features are cooking in dev. + do you really want them to do it fast and "brick" everyone's machines??

#14 - idone - 298w ago
idone's Avatar
Just a small note:

When i installed this the eula came up before i even copied it to hdd...did they ever do that in a previous fw?

And when i did copy it to the hdd it took all of 3 seconds..LITERALLY!

Needless to say that uber fast copy had me worried..but all went well

#13 - CyanCaze - 298w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
My theory is, They wanted to prevent more YLOD's (Yellow Light of Doom).

Because so far Sony's Hardware problems are only .1% the rest is firmware.
Not a exact number, but last I hear it was .1-.3% so forgive me if I am wrong.


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