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PSN Account Mail Checker & Info Reader (Linux) is Now Available

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262w ago - [Register or Login to view links], iQD and me worked on a PC client messenger to write with people who are online via their PS3 in the PlayStation Network.

Well, the sad truth is: The PSN uses a token system which we could not reverse fully yet. The most is done server- and firmware-side so nearly impossible except we could decrypt and analyse several firmware .sprx files.

Anyway, now we release 2 parts of the full cake which will be used in the full program, if it ever will be finished. If not, you still can use those both as standalone applications.

The first: PSN Account Mail Checker

The mail checker is used to find out yout real username used by the PSN to get more information about your account and login several services. Here you just select your region and enter your PSN ID. After, a XML file will be created which contains your "real" PSN server side username.

The syntax is like this: iQD@a1.at.np.playstation.net

The second: PSN Account Info Reader

After you executed the first application and received your mail-like username, you can start the second program. Select your region again and input your "username". Another XML file will be created, containing your actual PSN-comment, your main languages, your PSN avatar etc.

To prevent legal problems, we don't provide any keys for functioning properly (don't even ask for it). Anyway we implemented a function which allows you to try any key-file which should be named key.txt. Place the key.txt in the same folder as the both executables --> done. If it's the correct one, the appz will work

Download: (Linux 64Bit & 32Bit)
[Register or Login to view links] (Mirror 1) / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror 2)

If you are good with networking and want to take part in the messenger project to finally get all working mail me: skfuinfo@gmail.com

- SKFU & iQD

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gtxboyracer's Avatar
#14 - gtxboyracer - 244w ago
Yep sure thing - at the moment there are a few things i need to work around, i have quite a few more important URLs i need to test - but without having my PS3 around its hard to test myself with my own tools to trace all the data-flows, etc. Should have it back in 2 weeks time :-)

jabberosx's Avatar
#13 - jabberosx - 244w ago
Thank you very much for the key :-)

Yes i have just created one myself. Although i guess i'm not ready to release it yet - its just a small part of an ongoing project i have wanted to continue.

Cool. Looking forward to the release. I will help test out if you need.
Also, not sure if they messaging part's been worked out. But if so that will be just AWESOME! And really usefull..

Maybe we should petiton sony to release a Win32 client. IMO It would be pretty sweet to be able to message friends online if you are not on your PS3 yourself.

CJPC's Avatar
#12 - CJPC - 245w ago
I don't really get it why is the key so important?

It's been a while, but if memory serves me, its used with the communication between client and server, so it is necessary to have the proper key!

GotNoUsername's Avatar
#11 - GotNoUsername - 245w ago
I don't really get it why is the key so important?

gtxboyracer's Avatar
#10 - gtxboyracer - 245w ago
For those interested in the key for the program, try:

Thank you very much for the key :-)

Have ported the existing code into VB.Net as a Windows Application and is now automated - just need a PSN ID and Region - and will retrieve Profile Information (No need to grab the secret PSN name@ and use 2nd app).

Did it all without aid of my PS3 too.. its sent away to get fixed.. damn laser.

nice. Any progress on making a win32 client for this ? I do not have a Linux machine handy at the mo.

Yes i have just created one myself. Although i guess i'm not ready to release it yet - its just a small part of an ongoing project i have wanted to continue.

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