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Video: New PSJailBreak PS3 USB ModChip Review Arrives

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227w ago - A few days back we shared the first two reviews on the new PSJailBreak PS3 USB ModChip, and today a third arrives from MainStreamEditing.co.uk (linked above).

Below the review is split into two videos, demonstrating the PS Jailbreak USB stick which backs up PS3 games onto a PlayStation 3 HDD to play.

Finally, those seeking to get a PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip may wish to hold off as this coming week PSJailBreak x3JailBreak clones are reported to be arriving ranging from only $20-$40 each... or better yet, wait for a 100% FREE scene solution which undoubtedly is also on the way.

Check out the PSJailBreak PS3 USB ModChip Review videos below!

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#16 - caravela - 227w ago
caravela's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chrykel View Post
How long before we see a free solution?

you would probably spend more money trying to build this thing than buying a cheap clone.

#15 - cirojr - 227w ago
cirojr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chrykel View Post
How long before we see a free solution?

as Garçon Magic would say "what free solution sir"?

First of all, the right guys have to put the hands on it, then we can talk about a free solution. Just few people have it now, and they don't seem be the right ppl to do it, so its early to ask for a free solution.

Just some more day, lets be patient.

#14 - Rocky5 - 227w ago
Rocky5's Avatar
wish they would show us the damn thing failing to boot or work.

They stated if you don't press the eject button quick enough you will get a red led instead of green, why has no one done this, i would have to show how it works.

#13 - chrykel - 227w ago
chrykel's Avatar
How long before we see a free solution?

#12 - Osirisx - 227w ago
Osirisx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by guilhermegara View Post
For me this guys (PS jailbraker and x3 jailbraker) are a mother f'er guys!! They're doing like SONY!! Charging for the "hacker" solution. It's not the REAL hacker!

well if you can extract the data from the MCU and make it work on a standard USB emory stick(flash drive) (pendrive) and emulate the MCU with software then by all means go ahead an provide a software only version for the comunity for free.

they have eveyr right to charge for the hardware, be it orver priced or not. what they dont have the right to do realy is sell on stolen sony code

they could sell the PSJB sticks with no data on them what so ever and let every one who wants on run the programing software to program it with the code that makes it hand shake with the PS3.


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