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Rumor: PSJailBreak Combatted via New PS3 Models & Encryption

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224w ago - This weekend I heard from a good source (my guy in Oz Land) that Sony will be combatting the PSJailBreak with new PlayStation 3 models and PS3 HDD encryption.

This is what he said, to quote: "I heard Sony is holding back new supply of consoles, as they are removing dev and debug modes. This means you cannot get consoles easily fixed in repair centres so no more extended warranties.


He went on to state the following, to quote: "Additionally, it is rumoured, the new 320GB PS3's will have firmware loaded onto the HDD and encrypted in a way that you cannot do a DD copy to a new HDD, so no longer can you load a heap of games to your HDD as you will be locked to the one that was loaded retail."

We have to wait and see now... M$ did the same with their consoles when we jtagged them, so I guess Sony can do the same with an update eh.


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#21 - Wombat - 224w ago
Wombat's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by aamir007 View Post
Sony are removing features after features, next thing you know there be nothing left of the manual to read as they'll have no features left.

PS3 Feature List:

Plays games.
Has Crap Browser.
Has XBox Live Wannbe.


Above features maybe removed under future T&C.


#20 - aamir007 - 224w ago
aamir007's Avatar
Sony are removing features after features, next thing you know there be nothing left of the manual to read as they'll have no features left.

#19 - Colnechris - 224w ago
Colnechris's Avatar
If they take too many features away that were initial selling points they will lose money because nobody will buy one.

It was originally marketed as more than just a console, soon enough at this rate it will be nothing but a console.

sometimes big companies make retards at a mental institution look intelligent.

#18 - jokr2k10 - 224w ago
jokr2k10's Avatar
Heh, this looks bad all around! says you will be locked to retail hard drive? So that will be another stripped out feature! So at this point we will have lost PS2 playback, Super Audio CD Playback (like anyone even remember or knew that), OtherOS, and these new ones (if released) will not allow you to swap out hard drives.

I can only imagine how thin the PS3 manual is now because they had pages devoted to every feature that the PS3 has including where to get the PS3 Linux distro (owners manuals make good bathroom reading material when you get bored with PlayBoy magazines!)

#17 - zant - 224w ago
zant's Avatar
I should probably send that 60gb back for repairs now so I can keep it permanently offline.


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