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FCEU NES Emulator Port for PS3 is Under Development

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219w ago - Just under a month ago we reported on an SNES emulator for PS3 under GameOS, and today PSGroove reports that work has started on an FCEU NES emulator port for PlayStation 3 JailBreak users as well!

For those unaware, FCEU (previously known as FCE Ultra) is an open source Nintendo Entertainment System and Family Computer Disk System emulator.

To quote: According to [Register or Login to view links], it seems a user by the name of shinhalsafar has begun work on an NES emulator for the PS3.

The project seems to be less than 24 hours old, so it may take some time before something playable is released. However, we look forward to seeing what shinhalsafar has to offer.

• initial commit
• fceu codebase added
• Makefile ready
• pkg directory made
• basic main routine setup to start cell calls
• compiles but no NES emulation yet.

• this build no longer compiles. half way into getting fceu to compile properly.
• added utils (unzip and 7zip)
• Makefile attempts to compile all fceu code base now
• a lot of small changes to get this compiling.
• removed the lua code from fceu, will never need this

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#20 - jackpollack - 219w ago
jackpollack's Avatar
I've often thought that my next console will be a HTPC box. Advantages: OS of choice, emulators, infinite other homebrew, replaceable/upgradeable parts, complete user customization, freedom from $ony and Micro$oft.

Disadvantages: cost (a bit more than what i paid for my 80gig BC PS3), the inconvenience of manually tweaking games for best performance, loss of a handful of "exclusive" games. Still ... I've nearly convinced myself, especially with how $ony has behaved these last few months.

#19 - coleix - 219w ago
coleix's Avatar
I would really like an emulator for the sega dreamcast but i guess this too would be great just to have it run on the ps3. lol

#18 - adrianc1982 - 219w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by squarepusher2 View Post

if you want XBMC that badly, there's a simple solution:

get coding already. I want to see it too, but I'm not going to post innuendo on a message forum that basically translates to: "Stop all work on console emulators, and get working on XBMC". That's not very nice now, isn't it?

Is your native language english? Or do you even read my complete post? Try rereading my original post and see the BEHIND you are making of yourself. Cheers.

#17 - limnique - 219w ago
limnique's Avatar
halsafar, thx for your work, i wait NES emu for PS3 for long time

#16 - halsafar - 219w ago
halsafar's Avatar
Glad to see someone picked up my little side project. Sad to report that it is not quite ready yet. Progress is very good though. Also the idea is to keep the code base very similar to the snes one we are working on so it is easy to maintain.

I won't post much on the forums but I do read. I will of course post success when it is reached.

My PS3 has been collecting dust since MGS4. I'd be happy to "burn" it out with some actual use. My PSX still runs fyi and it was abused back in the day.


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