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PS3 HDD Toolbox v0.94 and PS3 Update Extractor v1.12 out!

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286w ago - Today adrian6184 sent word that Spanish PS3 Dev ifcaro released PS3 HDD Toolbox v0.94 over the weekend followed by v0.95, which is based on the recent work of knightsolidus and used to facilitate the encryption and decryption of the PS3 HDD.

Also available from ifcaro is PS3 Update Extractor v1.12, which is a revision of NDT's previous work used to extract recent PS3 updates files.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

PS3 Update Extractor v1.12 generated files are:

• ExtractionLog.txt - Log removal of the PUP.
• PUPHeader.bin - It clipped the top of the PUP.
• ps3version.txt - Indicates the version of the update.
• license.xml - File with the conditions that must accept to install the update.
• isdebug.txt - Take "0000" if retail and "0100" if debug.
• ps3swu.self - The executable update.
• vsh.tar - is decompressed at the root of the FAT to upgrade. Previously data was now only a file named "a" of 0 bytes.
• puntos.txt - It is a text file with three points.
• Modules.tar - The file with data update.

Note: If you get an error running the app, install Microsoft .Net Framework v3.5 from here and then retry: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=333325FD-AE52-4E35-B531-508D977D32A6&displaylang=en

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#30 - helenas - 8w ago
helenas's Avatar
I am used to backing up my dvd's I didn't realize it was possible with games.

#29 - emem - 8w ago
emem's Avatar

#28 - wepownzyou - 284w ago
wepownzyou's Avatar
And you don't think the PS3 hasn't been hacked ? I think it maybe has been hacked, but its not public... Thats what i think... but who knows. Its not the time for an isoloader. Its too early. And if a hole is found to launch iso, it would be bad for the PS3. But Homebrew would be nice. Own XMB like on PSP...

And sharing Tools has 2 Faces... on one side, its good for people who are working alone on hacking the ps3... there are more people try than you know... but on the other side, Sony will know what way we want to go and they will change something... but who knows what.

#27 - dezza - 285w ago
dezza's Avatar
I know exactly what you mean PS3News ..

But still, if some hack is discovered in earlier firmwares, TRUST me, they will find (I think it already exists?) a way to downgrade firmwares, one way or another .. HDD-swap, Infectus, Folding@Home drop-in or whatever ..

By still having devs searching older firmwares we are not lost and people should stop the whining and let the devs do the talking.

And so far this tool and some USB logger, it's not like it's "rocket-science" ..

If you ask me the most interesting hack so far is the RSX hack with the extended Xorg driver and why doesn't it get attention? Because it's not an ISO loader ..

So forget ISO loaders, and stop whining about releasing tools which has nothing to do with the "security" on the PS3.

#26 - PS3 News - 285w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dezza View Post
It's rather childish just to say: "Any tool that gets released here will be blocked by Sony" ..

Well, people have their own opinion on this... but many of the PS3 Devs who make and use these tools mainly prefer to keep them private as part of of a "better safe than sorry" idiom.

I don't want this thread to drift off the topic of people who are sincerely trying to learn and work with the tool, so I will put the kibosh on any more debate as to what should be public vs private and leave it up to those who devote their time in making the tools to decide.


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