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PS3 Precompiled Toolchain for Win32 (01-24-2010) is Available

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242w ago - With the recent GeoHot PS3 Hack news, we missed a PS3 Precompiled Toolchain (for Win32) update that Ifcaro released a few days ago.

His previous PS3SDK update was back in 2008, so it's definitely welcomed for those seeking to compile their own PS3 homebrew such as the "Hello World" OtherOS BLD sample (pictured below).

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / PS3 Precompiled Toolchain for Win32 (01-24-2010) [Mirror]

Some notes, roughly translated: Have long had compiled the toolchain ps3 and ps3sdk of mc and when I thought I had put it here, but did not want to put it to you test. Today finally I decided to test the hello world and it worked.

So here I leave the PS3 Toolchain & PS3SDK of mc. I have converted the elf to a bld and have run the hello world I managed to compile the toolchain and ps3sdk on windows with mingw. Then I went to compile the examples and I have generated an elf.

Package precompiled toolchain with the PS3 and the ps3sdk draft of mc. Tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP. gzip it and rename it to otheros.bld .. then it should work on the PS3.

You can convert the ELF to a BLD (although you need to convert the ELF to raw binary using "ppu-objcopy -O binary" before gzipping it), but if you have an otheros partition on your harddrive (formatted as EXT2/EXT3), it's more convenient to use mcload, which can run the ELFs directly.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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ifcaro's Avatar
#23 - ifcaro - 240w ago
@NZHawk: I don't use msys.bat I run make from cmd window and have no problem.

NZHawk's Avatar
#22 - NZHawk - 241w ago
I managed to convert the sample into a .bld and succesfully compile/convert and run it! Photo below.

I found the whole process to be complicated and I might be able to create an easier workflow sometime, and reorganise it all. (Just so its easier for beginners and that)

As I said I figured it all out, and created a MUCH easier way (Automated) to convert the compiled .ELF to a .BLD, I call it elf2bld

Just place your elf in the same folder as the batch file (Be Sure to rename to convert.elf) and run the batch file. Simple.

Now to try change the background from pink.. I have no idea why its pink lol, Shoudnt it be black?
Also to mess with C for the first time haha.

PS3 News's Avatar
#21 - PS3 News - 241w ago
Hope this helps!
Thanks for sharing the solution with others here, and +Rep NZHawk!

NZHawk's Avatar
#20 - NZHawk - 241w ago
Woot, I did it. I deleted everything, reinstalled it and edited a few files.

Run Through:

1. Ran the C:/ps3dev/ps3dev.bat and went to C:/ps3dev/msys/1.0/ and ran the msys.bat
2. in the command window, I used the command

3. Error! It could not find the main build.mak file, we'll fix that. (keep the MINGW32 cmd-like window open!)

4. Open the Makefile located in "C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\samples\template\elf_template\" and change


and then save it.

5. On the MINGW32 cmd-like window, use the command: (the mingw32 still should be in the directory of "C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\samples\template\elf_template", If not, use the CD command to get it there..)

6. O.o New error, This time, It cant find the ppu binaries it needs (which are located in the "C:\ps3dev\ppu\bin" folder.

7. (again, keep the MINGW32 windows open) To Fix this, open up "C:\ps3dev\ps3sdk\build.mak" in notepad/wordpad and we need to edit:

to read:

8. Finally, we need to go back to the MINGW32 window, and run the MAKE command again.
This time, it succeeds and creates the .elf we were looking for. We can now run this using mcload or convert it into a .bld (which i'm looking into now! Will post up how to do it)

Hope this helps!

urbanracer34's Avatar
#19 - urbanracer34 - 241w ago
Hmm, Unfortunatly copying the ps3dev folder to C Didn't work. I'm pretty sure its because it was looking for

Instead of the proper:

Naturally, I ended up messing with the enviromental variables, and now get a new error lol. (See attachment)
The error you're describing is common. It means make can't find a program it needs to run a particular command. The question I have is which one?

Did you make a backup of your variables at all? Maybe a path was messed up when you tinkered with them, and it might be really particular on how it should be set up.

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