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Hybrid Blu-ray / DVD Disc Announced by Infinity Storage Media

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312w ago - A company called [Register or Login to view links] has released the first ever Hybrid and Blu-ray and DVD disc in Japan.

The new media has capacity of 33.5GB and is compatible with all existing DVD and Blu-ray players. Obviously, the major benefit of this is that you can play it on either your DVD or Blu-ray player.

To quote: Great news for those who have both Blu-ray and DVDs in the house; Infinity Storage Media has released the first hybrid Blu-ray and DVD disc in Japan.

The new media has a total storage capacity of 33.5GB and is compatible with existing DVD and Blu-ray players. The biggest advantage of the new media is backward compatibility - you can play it on your DVD or Blu-ray player.

How does it work? Based on JVC's 2004 Blu-ray/DVD combo disc technology, Infinity has layered one format on top of the other on the same side of the disc, making it possible for the lasers to penetrate to the desired depth and read the required information.

The Blu-ray makes up the top layer (25GB) with two more layers beneath that make up the DVD layers (8.5GB). Separated by a semi reflective film, the blue laser accesses the top layer and bounces off the DVD layers, while the red laser penetrate the various layers to get to the DVD information underneath.

The company claims that it has achieved compatibility with 99 percent of tests made on 64 Blu-ray and DVD players and conforms to the Blu-ray Disc specifications released by the [Register or Login to view links].

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#7 - Kristy4n - 311w ago
Kristy4n's Avatar
It's just a ripoff. It costs more, and really does nothing useful. If you want your dvd's to resist more, use a protective layer ! I don't think that many people have blu-ray players, and even if they had, simply buy a blu-ray disc ! Useless..

#6 - xxLindenxx - 312w ago
xxLindenxx's Avatar
ha ha i agree with cyan, but here's a good questions. what do you get when you cross both of those media ? Do you get blue-Ray quality or DVD quality or a mix of both ?

#5 - CyanCaze - 312w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
I think I finally figured out the genus of their invention. Instead of having separate discs like 1 Blu-ray costing 30 dollars; and one DVD costing 20 dollars. Now they can screw you over in the end and make them together costing a whopping 50 dollars! So encase you don't own a Blu-ray player. now you can pay for the cost of movies if you did have one... Brilliant! Now we can give even more money to the movie companies...

#4 - B4rtj4h - 312w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Booooooo !! Big no- go! Bluray is indeed capable of much more. Also a Bluray disc is much stronger than a DVD! Ever try to make a scratch on your Bluray ?? (look on Youtube for movies!)

#3 - CyanCaze - 312w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
My question is whats the point? High quality DVD's hold 10GB if I'm not mistaken. And high quality Blu-rays hold 400GB. Since the PS3 can play Dvd's and DVD players are only 20 dollars. There is no point in making a disc that can play on both players.


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