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Gamers Turn to Piracy and Boycotting Efforts Against Activision

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281w ago - With the recent (very understandable) anger with Activision and their CEO Bobby Kotick over the company's seemingly callous and arrogant stance lately toward gamers, and even other companies, gamers are in the process of figuring out how to make their statement.

The obvious choice would be the [Register or Login to view links] that is beginning to make headway. But such things are only as reliable as the honor of the person who agrees. Someone who is angry now, might not be as angry a few months from now when his buddies are playing Modern Warfare 2 or Guitar Hero 5 and he isn't.

For those who are angry but plan to play Activision's games anyway, it seems that their plan of attack is piracy. Below are some things to keep in mind if your plans include going this route, to quote:

All over the message boards of the gaming community, in private conversations, and the like, apparently this is the intent of many.

Activision is a business, and a business as its bottom line is to make as much profit as possible.

Part of making as much profit as possible obviously includes not enraging your customers to stand against you. And obviously Activision is currently losing their way a bit in that department. But they are not commiting any crimes.

You on the other hand, through piracy, would be commiting a crime. As a statement to the gaming industry that Gamers will not stand for what we see as undue price hikes, we would steal?

Instead of exploring the reasons for why people should buy the Activision games in question, explore the reasons why people shouldn't. Find the alternatives that will take the sting out of not playing and make them well known.

In short, reward the companies that are doing right by gamers by using your influence through word of mouth (invaluable in gaming) to inform others about.

Leaving (at least until they get their act together) companies like Activision to dwell in their imaginary world where they can treat people however they want and not expect due response.

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#19 - jerrymh - 279w ago
jerrymh's Avatar
Yes take that Activision!!!!!

#18 - Twinkle Tits - 281w ago
Twinkle Tits's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Okiri View Post
We got to make sure their HQ is rigged with bombs and blow up the whole place!!!!

You could get in trouble making a statement like that...

#17 - victorinox - 281w ago
victorinox's Avatar
im sure ill get flamed but...

Why cant you all just get over it... i've been playing games since ive been 3 =\ *currently 20+* Games have never been all that cheap, also the average gamer isnt that smart... you have FF VII for instance, that game sells so well on the ps3, even with all the piracy, and even with all the people who owned it/beat it in the past... whatever will sell, will sell reguardless...

there are also people who stick with the series they like, I for instance buy all of the "makai" series games, that Nippon ichi puts out... this is no different than anyone else... REGARDLESS of how many of you join in the fight, it will be like piracy... a very small number, that is useless to care about =\

#16 - JesusFMA - 281w ago
JesusFMA's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
I wonder though if the guys at infinity ward get paid whether or not the game does well. They might even already have got whatever bonuses they were liable for. I dont know how the gaming industry handles salaries but I doubt they work with the hope of getting paid if the game sells and dont get a monthly salary regardless.

hahaha, I think I miss used the word "pay"

I didn't mean that they shouldn't get money or anything, what I meant was that they shouldn't get punished because of this guy's big mouth ..... especially when they do such amazing videogames.

I'm not sure either how this industry works, but I'm pretty sure too, that they got paid already, therefore the money now is going to other hands ... stupid hands I think.

#15 - CyanCaze - 281w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
I say Activision fire's Baawwbee. Then makes their games actually cool. I mean come one Activision you're not a monopoly, not even close. This has alway been the problem with the gaming culture though. Either you are right below monopolizing or you are dead as soon as you start.

Honestly I am boycotting all of Activision's games now. I'm done with the following companies as a matter of fact. Nintendo, Capcom, EA, Valve, Rare, and Activision. Are all sucking little kids who don't know any better, and/or making whores out of their old popular franchisees.

But I am praising the following companies for making good games and being "Fair" About it.
Insomniac games, Naughty Dog, Bungie, Sucker Punch, Rockstar games, Bethesda, and last but not least Atari.

Atari did a great job on the ghost busters game, and I understand I made it sound like I was not enjoying my self. But this is not the case. Atari made a very good game but was not directed very well at hardcore gamers. Thus I has to state that Hardcore games will not enjoy it.

Rockstar, has made GTA one of the best games ever made. And although Bethesda and Rockstar both released their DLC on the 360 first. That was a business decision and I can't complain.

Bungie, has made time and time again free DLC for Halo 3 players. Everyone should be thankful that they are very into their community too.

I don't feel I need to explain the other 3, but just let it be known that they are still some of the few good companies left.

Here is what I say, Boycott the 5 I said are bad and buy more of the others. Konami and Polyphony Digital, are also good companies. But Poly hasn't been very active, and Konami is just slightly better then everyone else.


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